Every Saturday morning enjoy a walking tour in the centre of Florence!

We’ll visit the religous centre of the city, represented by the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Giotto’s

Bell Tower. The Baptistery is one of the most ancient building of Florence, with its octagonal shape it dates back to the 11° century and  in the interior you can admire the wonderful mosaics of the vault.

Then we’ll discover the Dante’s quarter with its narrow medieval streets and the medieval tower- houses.  Approching Signoria square, you’ll admire the political centre of Florence.

Signoria square is dominated by the Palazzo Vecchio: the seat of the Priors during the Middle-Age and  reidence of the Medici family during the 16° century.

Then we’ll cross the Ponte Vecchio built in 1345 . Above the famous jewellery shops on the left side of the bridge runs the famous Vasarian Corridor , the covered passage designed by Vasary which connected the Palazzo Vecchio to the new ducal residence in the Pitti Palace.